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Disney Legend Bob Gurr, Signed Attraction Prints
Disneyland Monorail Attraction Poster, Signed By Disney Legend Bob Gurr

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Disney Legend Bob Gurr & Carlene Thie were at The Walt Disney Family Museum

March 25, 2017

Disney Legend Bob Gurr
Disney Legend Bob Gurr Rare Disneyland Proof Pages, Disneyland Bob Gurr Book
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Disney Legend Bob Gurr Rare Disneyland Proof Pages, Disneyland Bob Gurr Book
Disney Legend Bob Gurr, Design Just For Fun Book by Bob Gurr
Disneyland The Beginning Book, Signed by Bob Gurr Carlene Thie, Rolly Crump

 Disneyland Attraction Posters

Signed by Disney Legend Bob Gurr



* Each Poster is Signed by Disney Legend Bob Gurr


* Each Poster / Print is printed on nice Stock Paper

Bob Gurr Turning Dreams Into Reality Dvd, Disney Legend Bob Gurr

Disney Legend Bob Gurr

In the photo of my 1955 office wall, not only is there a watercolor rendering of my version of the GM concept Scenicruiser, but there’s also two other bus sketches. One of them has two rear axles, the other a single rear axle. So what’s the story? Why are these buses there?

As Walt Disney was envisioning the Autopia attraction, he was aware that very small children wouldn’t be able to drive the little cars. So, he asked me to modify two of the ride cars to look like sheriff’s cars, complete with red lights, a siren, and painted black and white. Then ride operators could still thrill the tiny children by giving them a ride around the track.

Walt had another idea to increase ride capacity by giving several children at a time a ride in… a miniature Greyhound bus. So I started a design layout for the bus, going so far as figuring out a rear engine and drive train arrangement that would still have room for enough seats to make it practical. But, instead of a greyhound dog logo on the bus sides, my drawing showed, what else? A dachshund!

It soon became apparent that the bus idea was not practical, but the cute little bus drawings lived on and were last seen decades ago in some old wooden drafting cabinet drawers.

Disneyland Book, Disneyland Vintage Photography
Homecoming Destination Disneyland Book
Disneyland Monorail Photo with Bob Gurr Posters, Signed By Bob Gurr
Disneyland People Movers Patent Posters, Signed By Bob Gurr
Disneyland , Haunted Mansion Poster, Monorail Patent Posters, Signed By Bob Gurr
Disneyland Monorail Patent Posters, Signed By Bob Gurr
Disneyland Viewliner Poster
Homecoming Destination Disneyland Book

 Disneyland Attraction Posters ....



Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Review Event
Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Revue Event
Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Revue CD Music
Wally Boag & Betty Taylor Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Revue
Disneyland, Golden Horseshoe, Wally Boag, Betty Taylor, Don Novis, Kirk Wall, John Eaden

Original & One of a Kind Proof Pages of Disney Legend Bob Gurr's Book.

 Proof Pages from Disney Legend  Bob Gurr. Each page was

used in  creating Bob Gurrs Book, "Design  Just For Fun" by Bob Gurr.  

Each page is signed by Bob Gurr.

Disney Legend Bob Gurr, Roast Party, Disneyland
Disney Legend Bob Gurr, The Blue Prints of Disneyland DVD, Disneyland
Disney Legend Bob Gurr,Bob Gurr DVD, Disneyland
Disneyland Railroad DVD, Disney Dvd
 Disneyland touch of Disneyland History dvd .jpg
Disney Legend Bob Gurr " Turning Dreams into reality"
Disneyland Lincoln Blueprint
Disneyland Lincoln blueprint
Disneyland Mr Lincoln Print, signed By Bob Gurr
Disneyland Fire Truck Attraction Poster


Disneyland Fun Facts


Did you know Anahiem City manager Keith Murdoch, took Walt Disney around to find the right parcel for the Disneyland Theme Park.

When it came to giving Disneyland its address Walt Disney wanted the address 1313 Harbor Blvd  Which would have been the middle of the fwy...  

Keith gave Walt Disney that address for Disneyland.

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Mell Kilpatrick historical Anaheim California Car Crash Photos ,

Disneyland Vintage Images, and Historical photos. All Images are Copyrighted


Disneyland Photographer &

Historical Photos of Disneyland


His career as a news photographer began in 1948 and he eventually became the chief photographer for the Orange County Register - then called Santa Ana Register. Having already established a rapport with the local community Mell was the perfect guy to get the perfect angle. As one of Orange County’s best-known cameramen, he covered Orange County in every possible manner by air, on foot, by car, and even by boat. 


Mell’s style so was unique,that it captured Walt Disney attention. While Disney had all the machinery at hand to build castles and rivers, one thing Walt didn’t have was a place for his staff to develop their photographs. As luck would have it, Mell was on the spot and granted Walt’s staff unlimited access his darkroom. A local place to develop official Disney photographers photos. The park’s first images were developed in Mell’s Santa Ana darkroom. 

Having done this, a friendship-business relationship began to develop. Walt then opened the castle drawbridge and gave Mell unlimited access to the park, during construction and throughout the early years of Disneyland a privilege not granted to others outside the parks only Disney own photographers.

Mell worked relentlessly to capture on film Walt Disney’s dream. He climbed atop scaffolding, crawled into tunnels, even hung out of a light plane 5,000 feet above Disneyland to snap the perfect shot.


Mell Kilpatrick covered the park from the first spade of dirt being shoveled, to the uprooting of the orange trees, all the way to the completion of the park. He was there for the infamous opening day, known as Black Sunday. Mell had a unique eye for photography, and reported the news in a timely fashion. His skills and know how helped him to continue his coverage, of the park while writing about the inside world of Disneyland.




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