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The Worlds Largest Privately Owned Vintage Disneyland Images

Ape Pen Publishing Disneyland Photography

The Worlds Largest Privately Owned Copyrighted Vintage Disneyland images.


Carlene Thie began her own publishing company in 2000. Named after her dog April, Ape Pen Publishing was born. In March 2002 Carlene's first book was published: A Photographer's Life with Disney Under Construction. The warm acceptance of the book and the encouragement of so many people, determined Carlene to continue sharing her grandfather's photos. Within the next two years Carlene published three more books of vintage Disneyland photos. By May of 2004 all four books were part of Disneyland's permanent stock of merchandise. Carlene's brand new book, Homecoming Destination Disneyland, will join her other four books on Disneyland shelves, making Carlene the most prolific author of books sold at Disneyland. During Carlene's research and publishing of the five books, she grew to treasure her grandmother's stories as much as the photos. A fascinating segment of Carlene's story is her historic family links to Disneyland. Not only did her grandfather shoot photos during Disneyland's infancy, but her father worked in constructing major parts of Disneyland, and her grandmother was a cast member at Disneyland for 18 years. Carlene discovered that her grandfather had a special relationship with Walt Disney; Walt admired Mell's work and Mell respected Walt and his dreams. Walt Disney's dream opened to the public on July 18, 1955, and Mell Kilpatrick was there to capture the day.


These Disneyland photography series, the edition features many rarely seen and never-before-published photographs of famed Southern California photojournalist, Mell Kilpatrick. Featured throughout the text are full sized (6" x 8") photographs in both black & white and color of Disneyland's earliest years (1954 - 1960). The excitement of Disneyland's grand premiere is captured from several angles, providing a historical record to the events of the day that may clarify some of the blurred recollections of those who were there to experience the inaugural event. Along with many of the early construction photographs of the familiar Disneyland buildings, also included are several forgotten exhibits and attractions, including: the bandstand at Plaza Gardens, the Davy Crockett Arcade and Museum, Casa de Fritos, Viewliner Train, Rainbow Ridge, the Disneyland Stagecoach, the original Golden Horseshoe Revue, Monsanto House of the Future, installation of the TWA Rocket to the Moon, the Kelvinator Circarama Theater, and the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Exhibit. In addition, Mell Kilpatrick's amazing aerial photographs of Disneyland (obtained as he hung on the wing of the aircraft) are included here as well. Celebrities, corporate leaders and politicians were not immune to the appeal of Walt Disney's latest creation. Also included in one of Ape Pens edition of Kilpatrick photos are notables including: Fred Gurley (President of the Santa Fe Railroad), Wally Boag (host of the Golden Horseshoe), Art Linkletter, Vice President Richard Nixon and family, Fess Parker (as Davy Crockett), Karen Pendleton (original Mouseketeer from the Mickey Mouse Club television program), actress Irene Dunn, and more.

In the Disneyland Beginning book; This beautifully designed hardcover edition features a foreword by Walt Disney's eldest daughter, Diane Disney Miller. Early Disneyland designer and Imagineer Sam McKim provided the introduction for the text, and several other key figures in Disney history have offered their own unique perspectives including: Art Linkletter, Harriet Burns, Margaret Kerry, Bob Gurr, Blaine Gibson, Rolly Crump, and Alice Davis. Art Linkletter: As a showman, host, interviewer, producer, entrepreneur and businessman, Art Linkletter stands without parallel as one of the most successful entertainers of the twentieth century. Linkletter served, as host on "People are Funny" which ran on NBC radio and television for nineteen years. At twenty-five years, "Art Linkletter's House Party" remains one of the longest running programs in television history. As one of the most acknowledged figures in entertainment, Linkletter has been awarded two Emmy Awards and a Grammy Award, among countless other awards, nominations, honorary doctorates and recognitions. His personal friendship with Walt Disney led to his co-hosting (with Ronald Reagan and Bob Cummings) "Dateline Disneyland", the opening day coast-to-coast telecast from Disneyland on July 17, 1955. Harriet Burns: Hired as one of the earliest "Imaginers" at WED Enterprises (later to be known as Walt Disney Imagineering), Harriet worked in the model shop and developed several of the original prototypes for buildings and attractions at Disneyland. In preparation for the New York World's Fair in 1964, Harriet also had the unique challenge of creating the head for the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Margaret Kerry: Fondly remembered as the original live-action rotoscope model for Tinker Bell in Walt Disney's animated classic, "Peter Pan". Margaret's career as an actress began


 Thanks to Mell and Carlene, these historic images will last for generations. For more information about Carlene Thie, Ape Pen Publishing, Ape Pen Products or Mell Kilpatrick, please contact Carlene Thie at  .

Vintage Disneyland Photos & Photography by Mell Kilpatrick 




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