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Apx Size of Pin shown 

Artist Proof Pin Walt' Disney's Pinocchio Pin. 

A Limited Edition Pins of 2000 in collection.

The Image has Jimniy Cricket in the film.

This Disney Pin is rare and extremely limited only a few made. Image in film;  Jimmy Cricket with Umbrella on wire.Nice Image $269.00

Vintage Disneyland -Hotel Button Pin



 Disneyland - 1959 Limited Edition Matterhorn / BobSleds Pin


 Disneyland Railroad Pin

Carolwood Pacific Historical Society Pin


 Disneyland Jack Skellington -

 Limited Edition  Pin


 Disneyland  Enchanted Tiki Room  -

 Limited Edition  Pin


 Disneyland  Now & Then Flying Sacucer Pin. Front & and back of pin shown

 Limited Edition  Pin


Apx Size of Pin shown  50th Anniversary 

1959- 2009

Disneyland - 1959 Event Pin -

Limited Edition

This Pin celebrated the 1959 event with Disney Legend Bob Gurr. For the three attrations 50th Anniversay.

The Matterhorn, Monorail, & Submarines $8.00

 Disneyland  Happiest Place Ever Pin

$ 15.00

Disneyland Photo of 20,00 Leagues Nautilus


 Photo taken by Mell Kilpatrick in the 1950's

Pin was made for a special Event Limited Edition - $8.00

 Disneyland Jack Skellington - Cast Memebers Only - Limited Edition  Pin


 Disneyland Car's Land - Cast Memebers Only Limited Edition  Pin




Walt Disney Apartment Pin. These Pins are rare and only those who visit Walt's Apartment above the Disneyland's Fire House on Main Street may receive one.  $120.00

Apx Size of Pin shown 

Disneyland - Homecoming Pin.

Limited Edition

Walt Disney, Gov Night & Wife and Walt Disneys Cousin. Image In Ape Pens Homecoming book  $8.00


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