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Disneylands Monorail, Matterhorn & Submarine Event


Tomorrowland 1959 Event! ~ June 6th 2009 ~ Disneylands 50th Anniversary ~ For Disneylands Monorail, Matterhorn & Submarine Attractions. 




The 1959 Event ~ Hosted by Ape Pen Publishing & Carlene Thie


On June 14 1959, Walt Disney dedicated three Disneyland Attractions for the first and last time in Disneyland history would three Disneyland attractions be dedicated on the very same day. 

On June 14, 1959 having already established a great relationship with Walt Disney. Orange County Photographer Mell Kilpatrick was given unlimited acess to Disneylands three Attractions; Disneylands Matterhorn, Mornorail & Submarine . Mell Kilpatrick was the perfect guy to get the perfect angle. As one of Orange County’s best-known cameramen, he covered Disneyland in every possible manner by air and on foot from 1954 to 1962.

Mell Kilpatricks style was so unique, that it captured Walt Disney attention. A friendship-business relationship began between the two of them. Walt Disney staff develping their photographs of Disneyland in Mell Kilpatricks darkroom, and Mell Kilpatrick having unlimited access to Disneyland. Which Walt Disney granted Mell Kilpatrick all the rights to all his photographs taken of Disneyland untl his death in 1962.

Even today Mell Kilpatrick images are widly used in telling Disneyland historical path and can still be seen in the Disneyland Park.Mell vintage images are some of the most visible in the Disneyland Park history to this day.

On June 14, 2009 ; sadly Disneyland had no officially celebration for one of Walt Disney favorite executions and most dearly loved attractions.

On June 6th ~ Ape Pen Publishing / The 1313 Club was the only one to celebrate these three attractions with ; The Original 1955 Anaheim City Manager Keith Murdoch, Original Land owner Ron Dominguez, one of the Original Disney Legends who helped in the planning of all three attations. Disney Legend Bob Gurr(You can hear Bob Gurrs story on the Monorail, Matterhorn & Submarine Construction) and Disney Animatronic Designer Garner Holt.

We even video taped this historical day having one of the only living Disney Legends left who designed the Disneyland Monrail, Matterhorn & Submarine ride each of these attraction , honoring Walt Disney & his legacy.