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Bob Gurr; Design Just For fun book


Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Tour, Spectacular Las Vegas and more.

Legendary Imagineer Bob Gurr, as Principal Designer for hundreds of Themed Entertainment projects, takes the reader behind the scenes:

  • Learn how Disneyland developed the first Monorail in America.

  • See how Universal Studios Tour Animated King Kong came to be.

  • A Pirate Battle Show and Sinking Ship in Las Vegas – how did they do it.

  • Get the story of the animated Abraham Lincoln at the NY World’s Fair.

  • Meet the team behind the Los Angeles Olympics Flying Saucer.

  • And so much more…

Foreword by Marty Sklar

Published by Ape Pen Publishing / Gurr Designs

Design by Michael Aronson, Hard-bound. 216 full color pages.

Red and Blue Collector’s Edition
1,000 numbered and signed by Bob Gurr


Bob Gurr’s first book, How To Draw Cars of Tomorrow (by “Henry Gurr”) was published in 1952—which was 60 years ago. Bob Gurr also wrote other books, including Automobile Design: The Complete Styling Book (by “R.H. Gurr”) in 1955.


Now, Ape Pen Publishing / Gurr Designs in 2012 have published one of the most intriguing and amazing books on the shelfs today written by any Disney Legend ever!


Design: Just for Fun (by “Bob Gurr”).

Bob Gurr shares his adventures and stories about his amazing career.


Sharing his life with Walt Disney, and the Disneyland Parks, also about Main Street vehicles, parking lots trams, monorails, PeopleMovers, Omnimovers, Jules Verne-style submarines, Disneyland's bobsleds (and their track), flying saucers, Audio-Animatronic Lincoln, King Kong, sinking ships on the Las Vegas Strip, and various other designs

The cover of the Collector's Edition of Bob Gurr's "Design Just for Fun." Ape Pen Publishing / Gurr Designs.


Is a “limited edition and one-of-a-kind signed by Bob Gurr book. — (Also proof pages” as for purchase, from this book)

 The Red Edition book is for $875.00 The number is #7. Which as you can see is signed to rachel. Only family members were given single digit numbers.



The Proof pages vary in price and you can contact Ape Pen Publishing on availability and prices. 

 Bob Gurr “Design Just for Fun” book. Proof Pages 

What’s a proof page, you ask?

It’s “a trial proof printed from type that has been made up in page form, usually after corrections have been made, but before plates are made. There was only one set made of each page from Bob Gurr’s book. If you have a page you want made, contact us.”


If certain Page strikes your fancy, just contact Ape Pen and we will get the process rolling.

"Each page  is slightly larger than the organic book page. Prices vary  depending on the page.

 Disney Legend Bob Gurr has signed Each Proof Page!


course, designed many of the most revered attractions for Disney’s theme parks, among them Disneyland’s Autopia cars; Matterhorn Mountain; the Submarine Voyage; the monorail; the PeopleMover, and the parking lot trams used throughout Disney properties.

He also played a major role in the development of Audio-Animatronics and the Omnimover ride system, among many other achievements. These pages are available 

Questions contact:

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